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Entering New License Code

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When you renew AVG, either directly with AVG or via myself, you will receive an email containing a new License Code


To enter this new code into your existing installation of AVG follow these steps:-


N.B. If your AVG has already expired then see step 5 below


1)  Firstly open the AVG main interface by double clicking the icon near the clock (if the icon is not appearing then click the up arrow as circled below to see the AVG icon)




You can also open the AVG main interface using the shortcut on the start menu/start screen or desktop



2)  Click Support (as shown circled in red below)




3) Click Reactivate (as shown circled in red below)




4) When the following box appears, type or copy/paste the License number from your email into the box (as highlighted) and then click Activate




5) If your AVG expiry date has already passed then you will see the screen below when starting your computer (or trying to open AVG) - click where it says "Click here..." (as shown circled in red below) and then enter your new code as per step 4 above