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One of the most common problems I get with printers is when a problem has occurred and the user has sent several documents to print and they simply get jammed up in the printer queue, meaning nothing else will print until this queue is cleared


To clear the queue:-


Windows XP/Vista/7 - Click Start > Control Panel and select Printer or View Devices and Printers in the Hardware and Sound section


Windows 8/10 - Right click on the Start Menu button and choose Control Panel - then click View Devices and Printers in the Hardware and Sound section




Windows will then show a list of all your installed printers as shown below





Windows XP/Vista/7 - If you double click the printer that has an error or jobs stuck in the print queue you will then receive the following dialog box listing all the jobs in the queue




Windows 8/10 - If you double click the printer that you are having problems with you will see the screen below - click where it says x document(s) in queue (as circled in red below)




You can then click Printer > Cancel All Documents




You will then usually need to restart your computer to complete the process and you should then be able to print again (unless of course you have error lights or a message on the printer, if so then there is a different fault with your printer which will need to be diagnosed further)


Another thing to check if you printer is not printing is to make sure "Use Printer Offline" is not ticked in the above menu - see here for more detailed instructions