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Running Remote Utilities

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Below are instructions for running Remote Utilities so I can connect remotely to your computer to fix problems:-



Click the button below to start the download





The next step depends on what internet browser you use:-


Google Chrome:


The download will start automatically in the bottom left corner of Google Chrome (as per example below), when it has finished downloading you can click on it to run it




Internet Explorer:


You will see a prompt as shown below - click Run




Microsoft Edge:


You will see a prompt as shown below - click Run





Next you will see a screen similar to below asking if you wish this app to run


Click Yes




Finally you will see the screen as per example shown below which displays the Internet ID and Password I need to connect


Email, Text or Call me with the Internet ID and Password that is shown and I will then take over control of your computer


DO NOT at this point close the window using the X in top corner - this window has to stay open for me to be able to connect to you