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Taking Screenshots

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Sometimes it is handy to take a copy of the current screen view (screenshot) especially if you have an error message on screen and are trying to ask me a question about a particular problem via email


It is a lot easier for me to assist you if I know exactly what error you are receiving so when emailing me for support please either tell me the full text of any error message or send me a screenshot as explained below


Most if not all keyboards have a key titled "Print Screen", "Print Scr" or "PrtScn", pressing this button takes a screenshot of the current screen and copies it to the clipboard


You can then send me a email using your default email program i.e. Outlook Express/Windows Mail etc and in the body of the message if you now right click and choose paste or press Ctrl+V the screenshot you took above will be pasted into the message


If you use web based email then you will need to paste the screenshot in to a Word document, save the word document and then choose the attachment option in your email to attach the relevant file to send to me


For example I have now pressed "Print Screen" on my keyboard whilst typing this document and opened up my email as shown below and pasted that image into the email ready to ask my question