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N.B. Still currently in preview (as of November 2023)


Copilot is a new virtual assistant that uses the latest trend - AI (Artificial Intelligence) - to help you do almost anything on your computer, from asking it complex questions and getting detailed answers based on information from the web e.g. help with planning a trip or time differences between two countries, or asking it to summarize or rewrite documents.  This replaces the now obsolete Cortana.


Copilot can be launched either by clicking the icon in the Taskbar.





or by pressing



068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 058_C_Win_Black



Copilot will then open on the right hand edge of the screen as shown below.


You can ask questions by typing in the "Ask me anything..." box at the bottom at the bottom, by clicking the microphone icon and speaking, or clicking the image icon and providing an image.


You can use the history icon in the top left corner to view your chat history which will show all previous questions you have asked.


You can chose a conversation style (More creative, More Balance or More Precise), so you can tweak how imaginative Copilot gets with its responses.


Finally you can click Sign in at the bottom to sign in with a Microsoft Account so you can ask more questions and have longer conversations.





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