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Windows 11 Snap allows you to easily arrange multiple open windows on your screen.


Snap Layouts


Compared to Windows 10 it is now much easier to use Snap due to a new feature called Snap Layouts.


When you hover over the maximize button of most Windows / Apps running in Windows 11 you will see the Snap Layouts dialog as shown below.




This will allow you to easily choose a layout for your Windows, whether it be two windows side by side, or four equally sized windows.


1)Hover mouse pointer over the maximize button of your first window / app and click the chosen layout and position.




2)Your chosen window / app will now automatically snap to the chosen location.


3)You will then see screen similar to below where you can choose which window / app you want to snap into the other layout areas.




4)You can widen or narrow each window by clicking the dividing line between the windows and dragging to the left or right.




Snap Layouts Bar


The snap layouts bar appears at the top of the screen when you start to drag and reposition a window and allows you to quickly and easily reposition a window to a preset location just by dragging it over the icon shown on the bar (as per example images below)




Manual Snap Arrangement


You can still manually arrange your Windows / Apps if you wish.


Snap two windows side by side


1)Click the title bar of an open window and drag it to the left or right side of the screen.


2)As the mouse pointer touches the edge of the screen you will see a visual indication that it is ready to snap into place.


3)Let go of the mouse button and the chosen window will snap to the edge of the screen.


4)Snap  will then show all other open windows as thumbnails and you can click on one to automatically snap it to the edge of the screen, beside the window you snapped above.


5)Both windows will now appear side by side.


6)You can widen or narrow each window by clicking the dividing line between the windows and dragging to the left or right.


Snap three or four windows


Follow same steps as above, but drag to the corner of the screen rather than the edge of the screen.


Snapping windows using keyboard rather than mouse


You can also snap windows using the keyboard,


Press Windows Key and Z to display the new Snap layouts window and then press the desired number key to quickly snap the currently active window to the desired location.


068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 056_Z_Win_Black





Or you can quickly snap a Window to the left or right of the screen using the following keyboard shortcut.


To do this make sure chosen window is active and then press Windows Key and Left or Right arrow to snap it to chosen side.


068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 085_Left_Arrow_Win_Black / 087_Right_Arrow_Win_Black



Snap Groups


Windows which are grouped together are shown as grouped on the Taskbar (as shown below) and Windows 11 will remember previous groups and allow you to restore them, which will be extremely useful for those that use multiple monitors.




Snap Settings


You can configure all settings related to Snap via Settings > System > Multi-tasking > Snap windows




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