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Running TeamViewer

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Below are instructions for running TeamViewer so I can connect remotely to your computer to fix problems:-



Firstly check on your desktop to see if you have an icon titled "PC Assist Remote Support" - it will look like image below




If you have then double click this icon, say Yes to the security prompt which appears (as shown in step 2) and then skip to step 3


If you don't have the icon on your desktop then start from step 1 below


Click the button below to start the download of TeamViewer





The next step depends on what internet browser are using e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox etc


The animation below will automatically detect which browser you are using and show the relevant next steps for you


N.B. If for some reason it is not showing the correct browser you can click where is says click to change at bottom and manually select the correct browser




Finally you will see the screen as per example shown below which displays the ID and password I need to connect


Email, Text or Call me with this ID and Password and I will then take over control of your computer


DO NOT at this point close the window using the X in top corner - this window has to stay open for me to be able to connect to you


N.B. If you have followed all the steps above and cannot see the TeamViewer window then check it has not popped up behind your other open windows, you can do this by closing or minimizing the other windows using the icons shown in the top right corner of each window e.g.





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