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Windows 10 has a new tool to allow you to capture and manipulate screenshots - it is called Snip & Sketch and replaces the Snipping Tool which was in earlier versions of Windows


You can quickly take a screenshot at any time by pressing


068_Left_Windows_Win_Black + 055_Left_Shift_Win_Black + 044_S_Win_Black


You will then see the toolbar below shown at the top of the screen where you can choose between:-


oRectangular Snip -  allows you to draw a rectangle around the area you wish to snip

oFreeform Snip -  allows you to draw freehand around the area you want to snip

oWindow Snip -  lets you select any open window to snip

oFullscreen Snip - takes a snip of the whole screen




You can then draw around (or select) the area you wish to snip, once done you will see the message below indicating it has been copied to your clipboard, and you click as highlighted to edit it




The image will then open in the Snip & Sketch editor where you can use the various tools to annotate the snip as shown below


Tools include highlighter, pen, pencil, cropping, ruler, protractor and eraser


You can then save the snip, print it, copy it to clipboard or share it  




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